Saturday 7 September 2013

Inspired By Pinterest 2 - Displays

1 - Starring Board
I thought this pin showed a really great board for introducing my movie theme. Each child is holding a clapper board and, soon to be displayed is a book with information about the "cast"! (I've blanked out faces for anonymity).

2 - Reading Display
There are many of these on Pinterest so I took inspiration from this pin and this pin to create a reading display complete with question prompts and links to the reading AFs.  I learned to make the spotlights using this pin. There is a section of books on the bookshelf that are books of movies or books that have been made into movies.  The children asked if they could bring their own in if they had them.
3 - Movie Jobs
Finally, this display shows the jobs for the class set out as a cast and crew board.  Inspiration came from this pin and this pin.

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