Saturday 18 July 2015

Summer Holiday Challenges #Summer10

Inspired by Rachel, who posted a blog of 10 personal challenges for her summer holiday, here are 10 things I aim to achieve/do/complete over this summer holiday coming.  Like her, I have kept a work/life balance: 9 things for life and 1 solo work activity!

1) Get better and relax - Things have been a little difficult recently.  I've been having some very uncharacteristic issues and so I'm hoping to relax over the holidays and be rid of the problems. 

2) Read...alot - My Kindle has got a few new books on (including some Peter James) and I've got a good wishlist to work my way through, full of the thrilling crime books which keep me turning the pages at lightning speed.  I love getting lost in a story over the holidays!

3) Read Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg - I've been inspired by Sheryl Sandberg ever since I watched some of her talks on YouTube.  She has gone from a very high-powered position at Google to being the most powerful woman at Facebook.  She has a family and recently lost her husband.  I cannot wait to read this book which is about 'women, work and the will to lead'.  I hope to learn about leading, life and be inspired to be the best I can be in life and work.  

4) Catch up with friends - I have been using my weekends to relax at home recently so I hope to see more of friends that I should have caught up with. 

5) Try yoga or pilates - My doctor has suggested I try this sort of relaxation technique so I need to find a way to make it work for me.  Hopefully this will help me to chill as the holidays start and let go of the school tension quicker.

6) Tidy up & clear out - Maybe this will be the year we move house?! Either way, I need to have a good sort out and get rid of some stuff.  

7) Fall back in love with running - I haven't done much running this year but I hope the summer is the time to use it as a cardio form of exercise to get the endorphins flowing.  

8) Family time - This year I have holidays with my family and the in-laws, including celebrating Grandad's 90th birthday. This will bring the opportunity to share quality time, without screens; something I feel is lacking in the craziness of term time.   

9) Bake / Cook / Make - I hope to use the oven, my ingredient cupboard and maybe even the sewing machine to let my creative juices flow.

10) IT Logins - I need to move all children up into their new classes on the various online subscriptions we have.  This is the one main school job that I aim to do, among others of course! 

Remember to share your 10 challenges for the summer using the hashtag #Summer10! 


  1. That's great Jo. Just don't beat yourself up if you don't manage them all. I don't know how to do a list - maybe you could show me on holiday. Mine starts with relax.

  2. I hope you do the relax one. If you need a running buddy we could do some coastal runs together!! :-) xx


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