Sunday 6 September 2015

#Summer10 Debrief

1) Get better and relax - Things are still not perfect and the summer holidays hasn't had the curing effect that I thought it would. However, it has been good to not have to worry about work.  I'm still taking things one day at a time and I'm staying positive! 

2) Read...alot - I have definitely managed to do this! I'll include some of the books I've read below and a mini-review! Please note: None of these books are suitable for children.

Someone recommended Rachel Abbot to me as I like crime/thriller books.  This was superb and exactly what I enjoy reading - it was fast-paced, easy-to-read and unpredictable.  It turns out this is the author's fourth book so I look forward to reading the other three.

I had no idea what this book would be like but I was recommended it and so downloaded it onto my Kindle.  The best description I can give of it is that it's like Room by Emma Donoghue but at the other end of life.  Written from the perspective of a forgetful older lady who is trying to find her friend, Elizabeth.  I would say it was a charming read but not as fast-paced and exciting as some of the others that I read this summer.

This was quite simply a cracking read.  This book starts with a tragic hit-and-run in which a child is killed before spiraling down some surprising story lines!  I can't say much more but it was a brilliant book.

I was recommended this by a lot of people who said it was exactly my type of genre and they were right.  When trying to persuade my husband to watch the movie with me, I described it as 'like 50 First Dates but after the happy ever after'.  Christine wakes up everyday with no memory beyond her early twenties.  It was a great psychological thriller! The movie was also good but very different.

The Letter was a very easy-going holiday read about a woman who discovers a 40-year-old letter in a pocket of a jacket.  She tries to trace its owner whilst battling her own struggles. It wasn't life-changing but was a fairly-good read.

I've also read books 5 and 6 in the Roy Grace series by Peter James.  I love his books as they are in the style of James Patterson but are set in and around Brighton, a town local to me!

3) Read Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg - I am half-way through this book and absolutely loving it. It's a must-read for all women and Sheryl's message is that we should lean into our careers and not let the fear of rejection or failure stop us from pushing ourselves to the limit.  

4) Catch up with friends - Thankfully I have managed to get out and about and see quite a few of the friends that I hadn't seen much in the final few weeks of term.

5) Try yoga or pilates - I managed some morning stretches (pilates-style) and some water Zumba while on holiday in Crete.  

6) Tidy up & clear out - The house is still a mess but a few important things have been sorted.  Getting there...slowly but surely! 

7) Fall back in love with running - Hmmmm - I haven't done so well with this one. The closest I've come is stewarding a 10k race at the back of the runners.  This will continue to be an aim for this term! 

8) Family time - I've had lots of this which has been lovely. 

9) Bake / Cook / Make - I've had the chance to fix and alter some clothes to make them wearable and have done a bit of cooking. 

10) IT Logins - I have really started to do this and have got quite far.  I've also managed to delegate some of this and my final step is out of my hands so this is pretty much done! 

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