Monday 12 June 2017

Making Every Primary Lesson Count

After reading Making Every Lesson Count, written by secondary teachers, Andy Tharby and Shaun Allison, I was delighted to be asked to co-write a primary version of the book with my colleague, Mel Scott.  We took the six principles discussed in the original book and put a primary spin on them, including examples from across the primary age range and curriculum.  We discuss challenge, questioning, feedback, modelling, explanation and practice in detail, referring to relevant research throughout and giving strategies embedded in classroom examples.  The book features ideas and comments from Michael Tidd, Adam Nicholls (@TeachMrN), Jim Smith (@TheLazyTeacher), Doug Lemov, Pie Corbett, Rob Smith (creator of the Literacy Shed) and many of our wonderful colleagues, as well as illustrations from Jason Ramasami which complement our points. 

If you want to find out more, there is a sneak peek of a few pages and the introduction if you click 'Look Inside' on Amazon.  Scroll down to see some reviews from those who have already read it:

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"Making Every Primary Lesson Count is a boon for all those interested in honing their classroom skills through finding out more about the science of pedagogy. It uses key research to produce a range of practical tips and ideas which have clearly been used effectively in school settings. This book is both engaging and highly readable."
Will Ryan
Primary Education Consultant, Trainer and Author.
"This is a highly accessible, practical book for primary teachers with constant reference to relevant, current, powerful research evidence. Its  framework , as chapter headings, provides an essential underpinning of what matters most: challenge, explanation, modelling, deliberate practice, questioning and feedback.  The authors have taken all that we currently know about children’s learning and woven it into highly practical writing.  Each chapter begins with two real life scenarios which are then fully analysed and developed.  We are shown not only how key research tells us how we need to teach, but are also given a range of well sourced practical strategies and ideas. The book has several threads which run through the writing: the ethos of a growth mindset and the importance of struggle, the framework of formative assessment, high expectations for all with no false ceilings and the necessity of clarity, practice and modelling.  This book, if followed, will go a long way to helping teachers, as the authors say, ‘Guide children towards independence’."
Shirley Clarke
Formative Assessment Expert, Associate UCL Institute of Education
"In Making Every Primary Lesson Count Jo and Mel have done a great job of bringing together research and practice for primary teachers. Every chapter contains useful strategies for creating a more effective primary classroom, making good use of the best theory and research without ever forgetting that primary teaching is essentially about the relationships between teachers and their students in the classroom. New teachers will find it a great source of ideas for tackling the key aspects of great teaching, and more experienced teachers will recognise much and pick up a few new ideas along the way."
Michael Tidd
Deputy headteacher, Edgewood Primary School, Nottinghamshire
“What makes this book special is the way it is rooted in theory, yet at the same time packed full of practical examples. Jo and Mel draw on their extensive first-hand experience to show how teachers can turn evidenced-based principles into everyday classroom practice. As the authors demonstrate, great teaching isn’t about tricks or gimmicks, it’s about applying a set of core principles consistently well.  Regardless of whether they are NQTs taking their first steps into the classroom or experienced professionals refining their skills, this book will help all teachers take their practice to the next level.”

James Bowen
Director, NAHT Edge
"I really like two specific things about this book. The first thing I really like is that at the book’s heart is a list of six important considerations. The discussions around these educational touchstones create a very useful guide for any teacher which transcend top tips and quick fixes – the reader is invited to think. The second thing I really like about this book is that it is written by two teachers at the top of their game. Mel and Jo have produced a book that avoids empty preaching and instead offers relevant signposting for the hardworking teacher of today. An important addition to the Primary teacher’s bookshelf."

Hywel Roberts
Travelling Teach, Curriculum Imagineer and author of ‘Oops! Helping Children Learn Accidentally’
"Filled with relevant anecdotes and practical examples, Making Every Primary Lesson Count explains in detail how to get the very best from every pupil in your care. More than that, it will make you reflect on the visible difference you can make as a teacher. Now more than ever, this important book will help shape lessons from being dry and functional to serving an actual purpose."

Stephen Lockyer
Enrichment Leader, Lumen Learning Trust
"Using the familiar format of Making Every Lesson Count, Mel and Jo have brought a practical wisdom, rooted in primary classroom practice and experience, to this excellent book.  A manual and guide for primary practitioners, the values of excellence and growth have been exemplified in each chapter and invaluable guidance given.  Whether you are beginning your teaching career or looking to review and renew your practice this book will help, support and challenge you in equal measure ... keep it to hand rather than at the back of your teacher's cupboard."

Stephen Tierney (@LeadingLearner)
Author of Liminal Leadership

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To order Making Every Lesson Count, click here.
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  1. I have been a teacher for 8 years now and the way you talk about marking has revolutionised the way I think about it. I just have to hope that my new school will be adopting something fairly similar so that I'm not spending thirty minutes per book!

    I am fan-girling right now!! So glad I found this page and bought the book. A must-have for newly qualified and experienced teachers alike!


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