Wednesday 1 April 2020

Reading CPD Videos

During the Coronavirus pandemic, I've been sharing some CPD via Facebook Live for free.  You can find the recordings of the videos below.

They are split into parts.
Part 1 (Thurs 26th March 8:15pm) - important elements when planning and teaching a reading unit.
Part 2 (Weds 1st April 6pm) - a structure for teaching reading, particularly with whole-class lessons.
Part 3 (Coming soon...after the Easter holidays) - KS1, poetry, comprehension activities, FAQs.


  1. Thanks so much for doing these videos. Lots of ideas for when I return from maternity leave.

  2. Hi Jo
    Have you got a date for session 3?

  3. Absolutely brilliant! As a Y5/6 teacher, I found this really useful and I'm looking forward to integrating some of these text ideas into our topic areas of 'Space' and 'WWII'. I'd bought my daughter (Y5) a copy of Letters in the lighthouse to check out. Will be spending more money on books; who doesn't love doing that anyway, huh? So she'll be pleased too!
    Love the idea of making more links between non-fiction and fiction. Brilliant. Well thought out video - best cpd I've done for a long time. Nowt flashy, no gimmicks - just good ideas with practical ways of implementing in the classroom. Thank you! Mr W

  4. Thanks so much for taking the time to share this free CPD with us at this time. I know many of my colleagues and I have found it very helpful.
    Thank you.
    Emma Stokes

  5. Are you going to be doing a 3rd one? I might have missed it so I'm asking more because I'm not sure!

    I loved these CPD videos and feel much more ready to teach reading after these.

  6. Thank you so much. I have found both of these videos really helpful.


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